I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review 2010 Olympic Medals

Shown above is an early, early concept…

Honorable Mention – Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Medals

Description: OAO’s winning design proposal for the 2010 Olympic Medals began as a conceptual point of departure, with the application of the iconographic jewelry archetype, the locket. The first iteration of the design comprised of two sheets of material, held together by hidden magnets, which housed an internal cavity into which the winning athlete could insert a sentimental object, such as a photograph or lucky charm.

Design: Omer Arbel Office Inc.
Website: www.omerarbel.com
Project team: Omer Arbel, Mark Dennis, Chris Kirby, Shane Ellis
Commissioned by: Leo Obstbaum of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic organizing committee
Artwork: Corrine Hunt
Manufacturing: the Royal Canadian Mint
Metals: Teck Resources
Photography: Robert Keziere

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red dot award: product design 2009: Bocci's 22

The 22 series is a range of electrical wall accessories, which reinterpret a traditional product. An innovative installation system allows mounting of elements like ports, dimmers, switches, telephone and data jacks, or cable and loudspeaker ports flush to walls or wood panels. Using traditional cover plates is no longer necessary. In an unobtrusive and aesthetic way the elements integrate harmoniously into the architecture. The 22 system is CSA approved to UL standards.

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I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review 2009 Bocci's 22


Since 1954, the I.D. Annual Design Review has recognized the best in product, furniture, graphic, and environment design, from the iconic to the obscure. For 2009, Bocci’s 22 has been awarded for design distinction in the furniture category (not sure if it is furniture though? – whatever). Here is what the judges had to say:

“This is just beautifully made,” said Breitling of Omer Arbel’s 22 series of interior wall accessories.


Created to be flush-mounted into drywall or millwork without the need for cover plates. Arbel’s design transforms the standard three-pronged power receptacle into a grinning anthropomorphized character if clustered in groups. Alternatively, when scattered sparingly, the seamless socket can evoke a more simple, stripped-down aesthetic.


The three jurors also raved about the 22’s stainless steel removal tool, which extracts the sockets in case the outlet needs rewiring. “This has to be the best accessory ever,” noted Oliver, tool in hand.


Bocci is a contemporary design and manufacturing house located in Vancouver, Canada. I worked as the lead industrial designer on this project under the creative direction of Omer Arbel – he is also a good of friend mine.