Outdoor Retailer W'11

Just returned from OR. Fun filled week in Salt Lake; filled with client, vendor and supplier meetings!

FYi worked on the Gore-Tex Alpine Outerwear for Patagonia that is seen above.

More to come once this hits retail (in F’2011).

FSF Mountain Parka on hypebeast


“Based out in the beautiful back-country of British Columbia, Canada, FYI Design Dept. has become a leading innovation force in the world of technical and performance apparel. Co-heading the design of brands such as Burton [AK] and Aether, FYI offers us a glimpse of an upcoming project involving themselves, fragment design and SOPH. The FSF Urban Project looks to feature a technical parka for the rigors of everyday city life. Stay tuned for more details.”

via hypebeast


Behind the scenes: patterning, prototype construction and review.


FYI prototype (dark blue) vs. factory counter sample (red)