DryJkt Prototype

Hand made with Love and Gore-Tex for my 3 yr old son.

-WTT 3L Gore-Tex, seam-taped
-YKK reverse coil PU coated zipper
-Laminated Hood, Hem and Cuff facing
-Pre-cinched Hood and Hem
-Velcro Cuff adjustments
-No hardware
-No pockets
-Ultra minimalist
-10hrs build time; start to finish
-Dryden picked the color (I was pushing for black)

Pluma vs. Hover

What to get? I can only get one jacket a season

Patagonia Men’s Super Pluma Jacket

Burton [ak] Mens’s Hover Jacket

If I hadn’t seen these both in person, I would go straight from the Hover – the catalog shot of the Pluma is really not doing it justice. The Pluma is ultra minimal and looks like it was made for ninjas.

Really can’t go wrong with either; These 3L Gore-tex beasts are top in the heap for Winter 2011/2012.

I think they come in other colors too.

Both jackets were Designed and Engineered by FYi

Update: I went for the Pluma.